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Originally Posted by aeolist

On the other hand props to Schreier for at least trying, even though he has a fundamental and apparently insurmountable misunderstanding of what the issues here actually are

I think the issues are pretty clear. Several reporters did something gross (PS3 contest), one reporter did something completely out of line (worked for a company she covered), and a columnist was either fired or stepped down because he wrote about all of this, his story was edited, and lawsuits were allegedly threatened.

This led to a broader conversation about ethics in game journalism and some of the issues that surround it. That, to me, is far more interesting than the previous incidents. It's pretty clear that what all those folks did was wrong; what's less black-and-white is the stuff I talked about earlier, like the relationships between PR and reporters, the effects of press junkets on reviewers, and all that goddamned swag.

As I mentioned, I believe there are different levels of what's okay and what isn't, and it's up to individual reporters and websites to sort that out. And I think that's an interesting discussion to have, but the topic keeps getting steered back to what Kotaku is or is not covering, unfortunately.

If I am misunderstanding something, please let me know.