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Behind The Games
(10-28-2012, 02:55 AM)

Originally Posted by beastmode

You seriously expected an article about this failure of an X-Men game no one played to get as much attention as a discussion on major issues with the way games are covered? (For the record: I read it, liked it, and tweeted it.)

As for the "sweeping under the rug comment," no one on GAF could potentially lose earnings for paying attention to Silicon Knights or X-Men.

The implication or explicit statement that we didn't cover the latest games journalism scandal because it would have cost us money is bullshit. That's the strange turn this has taken. We did not refrain from reporting this story last week because we were afraid of upsetting PR people.

Smaller outlets might be more dependent on access than we are, but that's not a factor here. I'm not sure what I can say or do to convince anyone of that If the only way to convince anyone that we're not afraid of PR is to write about this exact story, then there's no point of convincing said person. I'm sure it would be news to PR people across the gaming industry that we're afraid of them.

Thank you to those in this thread who said some kind words about Andrew McMillen's Silicon Knights story. He spent over a year chasing down a lot of that.