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(10-28-2012, 06:06 AM)

Originally Posted by EternalGamer

Thanks for your answers. Just out of curiousity, what the heck is a PR dinner anyway? I mean, what would any game journalist need to talk about business-wise with a PR person over dinner? Call me naive but my idea of PR is "here is our stuff, have any questions"? Or is this just friends who happen to be working in PR?

I am not trying to be coy. Other than playing Santa Claus, I really have no idea what PR people do.

What i assume it means--what it means when I'm mentioning it--is simply having dinner with PR people. I work in New York City. Most publishers aren't in New York, so they'll fly a team of PR people, along with their games, some producers, maybe some developers, rent out a hotel suite or nightclub space or something and book appointments for the press to come see their new games, do interviews, etc. The visiting PR people, looking for something to do (and maybe looking to butter up the reporters!) might invite some reporters to dinner, maybe bring some of those developers or producers along. Now some people do become friendly, so there's that part of it, but it's also a more relaxed forum to poke and prod and maybe sniff out a story. It's not that different from a reporter having an off-the-record drink with a source, though the ethics of who is paying can turn it into something else. Your worst-case-scenario would be a reporter who just gets fat on a PR person's dime, is so much of a pushover and so afraid of not getting the next freebie dinner that all they do is write the most positive things possible and try to never offend. The better reporters get some good intel.