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(10-28-2012, 06:18 AM)

Originally Posted by Margalis

Maybe instead of posting your ethics guidelines in a Neogaf thread you should post them on your site since that's kind of a hot topic these days. (Though to be fair, less a hot topic than Cheech/Chong confusion)

The people making the cartoonish claims are people like you, your employee, N'Gai, etc.

Every time this subject comes up the "defense" the usual suspects come up with is to leap to twitter and create a straw man about brown paper packages full of money and the illuminati. Very rarely are these cartoonish claims and conspiracy theories quoted - probably because for the most part they don't exist. You cannot defend against actual criticism so instead you defend against a caricature of that criticism.

Nobody in this thread is seriously talking about vast conspiracies, how PR people run every facet of your lives, how review scores are bought via a direct exchange of cash.

What they are talking about is an event where PR people give journalists awards, presumably for acting as good PR. At the event journalists agree to help market a game in exchange for goods. They are talking about a guy who gives an interview and apropos of nothing surrounds himself with advertising, including advertising for an upcoming game.

Are those "cartoonish accusations?" Or are they accusation that *should* be cartoonish but sadly are not?

Ok. Fair enough. Cartoonish.. whatever. I don't even know what people said. I never read back beyond when people were posting fun images of my unboxing.

Yes, the origin of this is the GMAs which I still haven't done proper reporting on so I can't comment on the elements about it that raise my eyebrows and certainly am not able to run a story on it. More recently in this thread it's been implied that I'm a liar and incompetent because I chose not to have my team report this story last week and prioritized other reporting efforts instead.

I'm mainly here at this point to clear up concerns about my outlet. I have ideas about how to report a story on this, but it's not something I'm spending my Saturday doing, nor is it likely to result in a story early next week. For better or worse, the overall "problems with games journalism" story isn't going away, so there's no huge rush. This thread did at one point turn into someone saying that I was denying climate change while the jungles were burning. I hope that was a metaphor!