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(10-28-2012, 06:48 AM)

Originally Posted by conman

I know you have better things to do than read this thread. But I think you have a rather skewed perception of what goes on over here. It's no wonder folks in the press think of GAF as a bunch of hysterical, paranoid, and hostile freaks. Especially when in the course of two posts you can say folks over here just make a bunch of "cartoonish" claims, and then in the following post say you didn't even read those claims.

Well, actually, I said some cartoonish claims arose. I didn't say they were made throughout this thread or that I saw them on NeoGAF, though I can see why you inferred that. I don't know what everyone has said, which is what I was getting at. As I said, I'd read from where people were posting the pictures of me. I didn't discover this whole issue or this particular incident through today's thread. I'm aware of a lot of the accusations involved. As I've said, I've not reported them out, so I don't feel qualified to engage on the specifics. But on the general issues of reporting ethics and even why we haven't run anything on this in the past week, sure. Which is why I've focused on that.

Anyway, what are we left with here? A few folks left in this thread picking at anything I write to criticize it? Can't find anything to agree with?

I like NeoGAF. I'm fully aware of the good conversation and investigation that happens here. Communities like this are excellent at digging things up, pooling their intelligence and hashing out an issue. I'm not against NeoGAF, nor am I against answering questions, but while I'm trying to give honest answers, it sure seems like the folks left commenting are just looking for any negative take they can find in what I've written. So let's conclude that either I'm contemptible or that this discussion has broken down into a whirlpool of disagreement and leave it at that.

Sorry for derailing it for so long. Carry on. I enjoyed answering those ethics questions and hope those were useful.