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Originally Posted by Mister Saturn

This right here is a money quote, and I wish you'd take it to heart, Stephen, for when the next free console is sent to you.

Thanks for emphasizing that quote. Like I said in my editorial, folks are clearly engaging in cognitive dissonance. They know what they're doing violates standard journalism ethics but hide behind the fact with sayings like "that's how the business works."

A great thing to come out of this collection of commentary (articles, editorials, this thread, etc.) is that a lot of fans are seeing that many so-called "journalists" are refusing to comment or write about the issue and simply claiming it's not a big enough deal to warrant their attention. That's why I pushed back at N'Gai on Twitter.

Very, very few of us are "clean" in the sense that we've never done anything that didn't violate tenets of something like the SPJ Ethics Code. At this point, journalists (former and current) can either say, "Yes, this is how things work. I freely admit to violating journalistic ethics and here's my chance to be honest," or they can go, "Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now. All you forum folks are jealous, conspiracy theorists (insert more red herrings)."