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Behind The Games
(10-28-2012, 11:32 PM)

Originally Posted by spirity

How do you explain why your site, and all of the big gaming sites, are ignoring this incident? You've said why you aren't bothered with it. But how come all of you feel the same way? That's a bit of a weird coincidence isn't it? That none of you find it news-worthy. Look at the size of this thread, look at the small amount of people who are reporting on it outside of Neogaf, and look at how everyone is so passionate or outraged by it. If it was a non-story, then why are people pissed off.

I have no idea why it hasn't run on various sites. I've explained why we have not yet covered it and that the discussion here has changed my mind. I've written quite a lot in this thread about the ethical standards at Kotaku about the specifics of stories people have brought up, such as why we did a Halo unboxing, why we didn't do anything (yet) on Robert Florence's thing, some of the background on the SK story and other stuff. I'm always happy to answer questions and have tried to answer them here. I started chatting here on Saturday. Robert's piece had run on Wednesday. Now it's Sunday, and I've been busy for two whole days playing a game for review and then have a pile of stories to edit and write, starting tonight. A massive storm is bearing down on my neighborhood so we may be without power and maybe I'll regret spending so much time taking gaming breaks by posting in here. So as for why, since Wednesday, we have run nothing, it's because I decided that we wouldn't on Wednesday, changed my mind yesterday and have had other things to do since yesterday other than drop everything and start reporting this out.