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Originally Posted by Psi

I noticed that too. I think one of the writers posted something on his personal blog but nothing on the actual site. Lots of people on GAF talk about how great they are, I wish they would put something up.

In the comments they [as in various contributors to the site] dismiss the idea because John Walker has already discussed the issue on his blog, it's not "about games", it was "too depressing" to include in the Sunday Papers segment. To quote Walker's replies:

Originally Posted by John Walker

Sorry to spoil all your conspiratorial fun, but the reason RPS hasn’t written about it is because we’re a site about games and the games industry. We’re not a site about games journalism and the journalism industry.

Clearly we have no agenda to ignore the story, since as one of the owners and directors of RPS, I’ve been writing extensively about it on my own personal blog. Which is where a subject matter like this belongs.

The circumstances under which we would write about media matters would be the misrepresentation of games, such as Fox News’ coverage, or newspaper reports of Games Are Killing You stories.

So much as we haven’t covered Lance Armstrong’s controversy, because we’re not a site about sports, we haven’t talked about this story, because we’re not a site about games journalists.

I’m intrigued that people think not covering this story is to our advantage. We could make political capitol of the story to our own advantage. We aren’t.

Originally Posted by John Walker

I should add – I’m not declaring RPS editorial policy here. As is very clearly the case, we’re far too varied a group of people to ever manage to come to agreement on such things. I’m arguing my reason why I don’t think it was a story for RPS to cover.

But I think in all the anger and conspiracy being expressed here, it’s important to note that a) if we had a problem with the subject, we’d not all be making it clear in comments that we fully support Rab; b) I wouldn’t have written about 5,000 words on the subject on my own site which I think is the more appropriate space for the discussion; and c) think about who we are – do we seem like the sorts who’d want to “hush the story up”? That just seems ludicrous.