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Originally Posted by EternalGamer

If you read through this thread, I think you will find that the vast majority of people posting in it recognize that. They are exploring that very area where the influence between the two is not direct in a lot of different ways.

I have been reading through this thread. And I think it's a shame how many people are so quick to jump to the "can't trust anyone" conclusion because of an issue that is extremely amorphous. Coming in here and saying something like "wow there are no journalists in gaming they're all marketers" or "welp can't trust any gaming website anymore" just seems so immature and misguided to me that it makes me want to ignore everything else you say. It'd be like me saying "welp can't trust anything GAF says anymore" because I dislike the way people behave in a few threads.

Should reporters be constantly rethinking and considering how their relationships affect the way they work? Absolutely. Just a few weeks ago I had a long conversation with one of my colleagues about this very issue. It's something that I imagine gets discussed quite a bit among journalists. We talk a great deal. And I'm happy to have these conversations out in the open. But it's not very productive to turn them into circlejerks about how awful Kotaku is or how corrupt game journalists all are.