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Maybe bigger sites like Kotaku should actually take stands against PR that will help the overall quality of reporting done by the bigger and smaller sites. Kotaku has options. IGN has options. GameSpot has options. They take the easy way out. They shape the way the little guys cover stories. They grow up reading your previews, reviews, news stories, and unboxing videos. They look at those and follow the template that has been set by those before you. The big sites have the power to make a difference, but they would rather not suffer the short-term pain and damage it would take to make a difference. The one that jumps into the pool first will be eaten alive by the sharks.

What sort of stands are you looking for? Stephen wrote a long post outlying our ethics policies. They're quite strong. He'd also kill me if he thought I was being dishonest in a preview, review, news story, feature, or whatever else. I can't speak for anyone else at Kotaku, but I believe everything we do is honest and fair, even when it pisses people off. Sometimes that means pissing off publishers; other times it means pissing off rabid fans. (You should've seen some of the reactions when we gave World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria a "NO" in our review.)

Unboxing videos is a different conversation. I think they can be informative and helpful to readers who want to see what's inside the limited edition of a game. You might think they're just marketing videos. Maybe the truth is a mixture of both. Again, I don't know. And that's something that we should maybe be discussing more. But in the grand scheme of things, one Halo 4 unboxing video is relatively insignificant. And we certainly didn't publish that because we thought doing otherwise might cost us access or piss off a publisher.