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(10-29-2012, 05:51 AM)

Originally Posted by Margalis

"Ulterior motives." Lol. It's like you and Totilo both have no idea what PR is.

PR people are paid to control information in a way that gets them good coverage. That is their FUCKING JOBS. Taking you out to dinner, making your feel special, and letting Totilo feel like he is a crack reporter who dug up "good intel" and then can go write a piece about it (a piece that, wow what a coincidence, accomplishes exactly what PR intended!) is part of an overall PR strategy.


It's not an "ulterior motive." It's THE motive - PR people get paid to do PR.

You are seriously suggesting that when a PR person plans a PR event with company money that comes out of their PR budget that actually DOING PR might be an "ulterior motive?"

Building rapport is part of the job. FFS just google stuff like "effective PR" and read up on what PR strategies are.

You and Totilo seem willfully naive about this to the point of parody.

You don't even know what my good intel is, but keep on dismissing any notion that people who do this for a living have any idea what they're talking about. Is everyone in your world stupider than you, or just the games journalists?