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(10-29-2012, 06:11 AM)

Originally Posted by EternalGamer

Ok, I am just going to be very blunt and honest here:

Anyone who posts an unboxing "new story" about $500 worth of Halo shit that Microsoft sent them is someone who I think is not thinking critically enough about their relationship to PR.

Clearly things are either black or white. Thanks fot the insight. You must have skipped my post about my ethical standards which seemed to go largely without comment except in this thread except for the person who wanted to double-check if maybe, somehow, even though we don't sell our swag, we were benefitting from a tax deduction by giving it to a charity.

As long as you keep fighting strawmen, it will feel like you're winning. But if you bother to notice that at least the Kotaku people in here are presenting something more complex than the image of being the pushovers for PR and tools of marketing that you think we are, you might wind up with some insights that are a little closer to reality.