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(10-29-2012, 07:26 AM)

Originally Posted by Brashnir

Probably just ignored it and kept it around in case a staff member needed a replacement 360 at some point for work purposes.

edit - or that.

I know you're not in the advertising department at Kotaku, but do you think it would cost Microsoft more or less than $500 to run a 7 and a half minute ad 25,000 times on your site?

No clue, but probably more. We also did a video of the new super-slim PS3. That one was already out of the box, so it wasn't technically an unboxing. We compared it to the other PS3s and other modern consoles in terms of size, showed the finish and some other basic aspects of the machine. This was a super-slim PS3 sent to us by Sony on the day the unit came out. We made the video because I figured people would like to have more information about whether or not to pick up the new PS3. Clearly Sony was hoping we would show the new PS3 to our readers. We wanted to show it to them soon. Using the same standards that have been used here to criticize the Halo 4 video, you could say this too was nothing more than an ad and was entirely inappropriate for posting, but I'd say that was lunacy given that our readers clearly would benefit from some insight about the new console and whether it's something they'd be interested in buying. On the spectrum of PR stunts to fall for and ones not to fall for, the PS3 video isn't that far from the Halo one. If you ran a game site, had a new model of PS3 to cover for your readers and didn't, I'd think that was strange.

Serious question: would it have made a difference if the Halo 4 thing wasn't an unboxing and if the thing was already just out of the box? Less consumer-porn, as others have put it, and more straight up: here is a thing for you to judge with your eyes?

Anyway, it's late. Fun chatting with everyone (mostly).