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(10-29-2012, 06:45 AM)
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My mistrust of the gaming press has been building slowly for a very long time. I remember noticing the sharp disparity between community discussion type stuff (neogaf, etc.) and ‘games journalism’ during the launch of the 360. It seemed like no one in the games media would acknowledge how poorly the early 360s were holding up and kept saying everyone’s anecdotes didn’t prove anything, even as they piled up over the months. It was well-known amongst people on GAF and elsewhere that microsoft should’ve been held accountable for their shoddy hardware, but no one seemed willing to take them to task on it. Members of the 1up podcasts I listened to at the time continually brushed off the issue- even as their own 360s were dying. It was absurd. Eventually Microsoft essentially admitted to it way after that fact with their warranty extension program. ‘Games journalists,’ rather than questioning microsoft themselves, gathering data, and holding their feet to the fire, essentially took microsoft’s side until the very last moment, and then swept the complicity under the rug and went on with their lives.

Games criticism is intertwined with the other parts of the games media, and the uniformness of the reviews is innately suspicious. Movies with universal praise seem relatively uncommon, while in gaming, it is the standard. Real gamers have many different opinions and it shouldn’t be surprising that some people love a game like ME3 and can ignore the problems, while others will absolutely hate how the game was handled. That you only see the positive side of the two at every major media outlet is very telling, especially when you see their response to gamers’ complaints, that we’re ‘whiny and entitled.’ Bullshit. It was just an instance where we could clearly see that media outlets’ interests and gamers’ interest were not that same at all- they just happen to coincide sometimes.

The outcry you see in this thread wouldn’t be what it is without the decades of unethical behavior that has been obviously occurring in the gaming media. This has been building for a long time. Unfortunately, like others have mentioned in this thread have said, I have little hope for anything significant changing. I’ve been perfectly happy using GAF as my sole source/aggregator of gaming information for quite some time.