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Originally Posted by Stephen Totilo

Hi folks,

I do regret the dismissive tone of that comment Ben quoted. Calling it not very important was a miscue because, a) the incident in and of itself was interesting and should have been an item on our site and b) the larger issues of distrust of the games press that have flared up again around this certainly are important. Giving a damn about whether the press can be trusted is always important, and I didn't mean to belittle anyone's concerns about that.

I did clarify yesterday that I am in fact working on a story about this. I noted as much below the comment that Ben quoted, writing: "I'd not thought there was enough new or noteworthy here for a story, but reaction to my comments over the weekend has convinced me otherwise." (

The proof's in the pudding, so feel free to reserve any further judgment until we actually run something, but I do apologize for making it seemed like I don't care about concerns about journalism ethics because I certainly do.

-Stephen Totilo
Editor-in-Chief, Kotaku

That was taken from the comments section of the piece Ben Kuchera wrote on The Penny Arcade Report, which can be found here.

Translation: "This story suddenly got big and it's not going away, and people are taking it seriously. We'd better get a piece up so we can get some of these hits."