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But you also have to understand that as readers, we look at websites holistically. I don't visit websites if I find half of the content to be mindless (unboxing) or borderline offensive (pictures, videos, figurines of naked women for sale), even if the rest of the content is grade-A journalism. There's a reason that Kotaku has gotten the reputation among many on GAF that it has. Honestly, the only time I read a piece on Kotaku is if it's been linked to for a very specific reason from some other site. And like I said earlier, I used to be a regular reader of the site, but it took a weird turn. Not sure when or why. I know it was before Totilo took over because I kept hoping he'd turn the ship around.

Well I encourage you to give it another chance! :) Kotaku has changed quite a bit since Totilo took over (which is also around when I started), and I think we do a lot less "here's a new trailer!" and a lot more "here's an interesting story!" We've also done a better job of separating some of our content -- all of our Asian culture stuff is now part of a section called Kotaku East, for example, that runs between 4-8am ET. If you're not interested in those sort of posts, they're easy to skip.

Regardless, it's perfectly OK with me if you've read a few recent articles and you're not a fan of Kotaku's writers or content. We can't please everyone. What bugs me is the whole vitriolic "oh you're not a journalist" or "Kotaku is just a glorified marketing arm" stuff. That just straight-up isn't true.