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Originally Posted by TheSeks

I agree with you up until the bold. I disagree strongly because anytime I've seen Kotaku post anything, it's not really "journalism" to me. It's blogging. And frankly, if that's what you guys want to be, fine. But I've had issues with Kotaku for years because:

-They try to hide behind BOTH the journalism and blogging cards by trying to be either and being a master of none.
-The content is mostly stupid ("FF7 hentai in Japan!? ZOMG WTF!?")

Granted, this was years ago but that was enough to make me never bother to check in again. So, prove me wrong: Provide me some "hard-hitting" and quality Kotaku articles because I'd love to know they've changed from being completely not worth the time to check/read your stuff.

Come on, man. I didn't even start at Kotaku until February of this year. Don't say you haven't read Kotaku in years and then try to talk about what it is today. I'd give you some examples to some of the great stuff we've done recently, but sadly, the hurricane has knocked out all of Gawker Media's servers and the site's down!