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(10-30-2012, 04:15 AM)
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Originally Posted by Victrix

I also don't see why he has to be upset about the reaction here if the site is popular. If the weird ass articles draw views for them, great! Doesn't mean I like them, or that I'm going to visit the site daily, even if they do more serious articles occasionally.

I'm sure there are plenty of people here that visit them regularly, some that only visit if they're linked directly, and some that edited their hosts file so they can never visit them (ok probably not, but my point stands).

If your measure of success is a profitable website with a lot of hits, why do you care if some people dislike your site? Nothing you ever do online is going to be free of criticism, no matter how good.

Oh, I don't mind criticism! Especially when I fuck up. What I mind is people treating us unfairly, which is one of the reasons I'm in here chatting. I don't think it's fair, for example, to judge Kotaku of today based on opinions you formed four years ago. Or based on a Halo 4 unboxing video.