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Originally Posted by Victrix

Ignore it. If you guys really are, it'll show, and your readership will respond.

I didn't expect to see that SK story out of Kotaku, nor did I even expect to see the Stardock story (the latter I was linked to from, you guessed it, another forum).

If you keep that up, I might even check out the site :V

As for continued vitriol, you can't possibly tell me you don't understand why Kotaku has the reputation it does. The internet has a long memory, and it takes a long time to change impressions, especially from people who have already dismissed you and haven't seen anything new to change their opinion because they no longer visit the site.

Want to hop on the NuGamesJournalism? Stick a PR transparency block to the side of every article that shows what swag you got that went along with the story, what ridiculous events you attended, or what supermodel/vehicle you rode that day.

Want to get back readers who wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole? Keep doing real articles that aren't press releases.

And again, if you already have a good reader base, I'm still not clear why you give a shit if the random internet peanut gallery decries your lack of journalistic integrity etc.

Good points. Stephen pushes us hard to do better and better stories every day. We want the same thing you do. Trust me when I tell you that I enjoy my job a lot more when I'm chasing great stories than when I'm writing up trailers.

The transparency block is an interesting idea. Worth bringing up.

I like reading GAF because the posters on GAF are very passionate, and I have a lot of respect for that passion, even when it's directed against me and my colleagues. I give a shit because good, passionate, smart conversation is never a bad thing!