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Originally Posted by Freezie KO

I like the idea of a PR transparency note. Especially when it's on the web, and you really have all the space on the page you need. Just let us know if you got a free game and are playing it on a PR-funded yacht in Bermuda.

Also, the SK story was great. But I have a feeling that we only got it because Silicon Knights is dead. They have no way to retaliate. They have no publisher arm or PR reps to harass Kotaku. As a result, we likely won't be getting one of those on Bungie or Infinity Ward or a first-party studio.

You might be right that we only got it because SK isn't quite what it used to be, but you're right for the wrong reasons. It's easier for people to talk when they don't have to be concerned with their jobs, or the ramifications for their co-workers and colleagues who are currently working at that studio. These sort of stories tend to come out after the fact, not just in gaming but in all industries.

As Stephen has mentioned a few times, Kotaku is big enough that we really don't have to worry about what publishers or PR people think of our stories. We don't really care if we make them happy. If someone came to me and said "Hey, I work at [STUDIO] and we're all beaten with whips every day," and I responded by saying "Oh, sorry, can't do this story because I don't want to piss off [STUDIO'S PUBLISHER]," I probably wouldn't be working at Kotaku for much longer.