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We are gonna need a diagram to keep track of all the shady business going on.

One of these co-host on Weekend Confirmed is now revealed to work for game media outlet involved in directly giving people money from publishers to post video content. Money. Not just free games. There is nothing "shady" about this shit. It is straight up disgusting. Machinima was given both free games and monetary compensation by EA for posting early videos of Need For Speed Most Wanted.

As pointed out by by GAF user "Quote" from Twitter:

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Jeff Gerstmann (@jeffgerstmann)
10/30/12, 1:46 AM
Something we all need to get better about: pointing out to publishers when they set an embargo that hits after their PC version goes on sale

Travis Lopes (@travislopes)
10/30/12, 1:53 AM
@jeffgerstmann What's the point of a 9AM embargo when Machinima was giving their partners copies to put up clips of on Friday?

Jeff Gerstmann (@jeffgerstmann)
10/30/12, 2:00 AM
@travislopes For all we know, that's a content deal that EA fully approves of. No idea. Those guys run an... interesting business.

Travis Lopes (@travislopes)
10/30/12, 2:01 AM
@jeffgerstmann Machinima gave out 1K copies and the partners all had to state they got a free copy and a monetary bonus for posting it.

Jeff Gerstmann (@jeffgerstmann)
10/30/12, 2:08 AM
@travislopes Gross. Good on those guys 'n' gals for finding a way to get free games, I guess, but... man, that sounds shady as heck.

Travis Lopes (@travislopes)
10/30/12, 2:11 AM
@jeffgerstmann When people want game reviews, they don't want it from a trusted source (@giantbomb), but from YouTubers with no credibility.

Here is Andrea Rene, who works for Machinima and co-hosts Weekend Confirmed, tweeting that everyone should check out those awesome Need for Speed videos:

And here she is promoting her own video of Need for Speed:

Just as a reminder, though, here is what Andrea said on Weekend Confirmed this past week:

Originally Posted by Andrea Renee

"We get these products for free to talk about them because in order for us to you know, be competitive in the industry, we need to get the games beforehand. Reviewers want to know before the game's out and I just, like, think this whole idea, you know, that we shouldn't get stuff for free or this like payola system, like believing that exists, is such bull-cocky I tell you."

She said this the day after she posted her Need for Speed video.