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(10-30-2012, 10:31 AM)

Originally Posted by Gomu Gomu

But the bigger issue in my opinion is the result of billions of dollars and years of research to perfect the ways PR can subtly influence writers' opinions. You know it's effective because you know you think you are not being affected.

So... I don't inherently disagree with this concept, but I think it's not Conspiracy Theory enough for my tastes. They've got bigger fish to fry than the enthusiast media. Some of us speak to large audiences and can be influential, but we reach people that already know and love games. That crowd, while large, isn't large enough for most publishers. If they want to influence people, they're going to do it with widespread advertising that goes directly to the public before any critical oversight can touch it.

Already we see plenty of cases where publishers are skipping over the press completely when it comes to releasing trailers and other preview-related information. Some publishers are attempting to cut people like me out of the loop. They're conducting and posting their own developer interviews and packaging them up into little minishows. They're more interested in getting Likes to their Facebook page than even bothering to offer any game site a 24-hour exclusive with a trailer. They're collecting user information directly and contacting you directly. Some publishers are embracing a new (and, in some cases, naive) population of YouTube and Twitch users, some of whom could be more easily swayed by the notion of getting a free game. Many of these people probably wouldn't self-identify as journalists, but they're gaining audiences of people and gaining influence.

I'm actually fine with all that, because even if I have to buy every single game we cover, I will always have the final say. And there are more interesting ways to preview games than to shit out 300 words on Gun #7 or The Food of San Andreas, which has become my favorite example of the preview cycle gone wrong, even if it's a little dated these days. As long as there's an audience that's interested in an independent and considered voice on that topic, people like me will serve a purpose.

Also I can sort of beatbox, which is a decent fall back in case this whole thing falls apart.