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Originally Posted by worldrevolution

In case Totilo comes in on this page - why hasn't there been an in-depth article about the PS3 Skyrim debacle and how Bethesda (or Sony) allowed that nonsense to go to retail? What about the current PS3 dlc situation? Why aren't those kinds of stories being investigated instead of Silicon Knights?

Howdy. I'm focusing on getting our site back up and running after the devastation of Sandy, but before I lost Internet last night I did see this comment and still had it open in a tab.

One challenge with threads like these is the mix of valid complaint/concern with what feels like a willful intent to tear some outlets down regardless of what the facts are. So, sure, I get some people might dismiss us because they dislike unboxing videos and feel that that is a breach of ethics. I understand that some are seeing absolutes here and don't believe there is a spectrum upon which there can lie some content that may dovetail with PR's agenda and an editor's assumption of what readers would like to be informed about.

But what I don't understand is why a theory like the one above, one I've seen bandied about in this thread... the theory that Kotaku is cowed by PR to the point that we don't write anything that would piss off powerful companies... persists beyond the first mistaken expression of it.

So, the Skyrim PS3 debacle.. we wrote numerous posts about bugs on it and then did this story:

You can call us many things, but calling us afraid to upset powerful publishers is preposterous. So the next time that comes up, I do hope that the same people who are capable of posting mocking images of our unboxing video can summon the Googling strength to link to our posting of Modern Warfare 3 images and the game's entire plot when it leaked six months before the game was release, our posting of negative specs about the Wii U (its tiny amount of internal storage) in the spring of 2011 way before Nintendo would have wanted that known, the codenames of the next Xbox and PlayStation this past winter, months before Microsoft and Sony wanted it public that new consoles were being made. I could go on, but it seems absurd that I would have to.

I have a site to try and help restore. I won't be back in here. I do think some of the more subtle discussion in here of ethical compromises and the risks thereof has been great. I'm glad to have been a part of it. I just ask that some of the more extreme theories are tested against actual facts. Thanks