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Originally Posted by Ledsen

Any source for that?

more than one..

and many more...

another interesting piece.. that is just over a year old. It actually describes the Battlefield 3 scenario (just with a random game name instead)

It´s a blog by the editor at Here are some (translated) quotes.

Now that Denmark is showing on the game world map, we get an insight into the foreign review methods. And they are not pretty. Honestly stop for a minute and think.

Metacritic. How often do you think that there is an uncertain guy reviewing a game, and how often do you not think he jumps past Metacritic to check the score. If the first three scores gives 91%, and he vacillates between 4 and 5, do not you think he ends up at 5 as a minimum? Sure.

Therefore, there is an (un) healthy interest from PR people to check whether the notifier can actually live up to the requirements, if he must have code ahead of time. Before time. If you want to be 100% fair (which it is), you can choose to buy the title itself. What would you say to wait a week for all reviews? We already know the answer. They will be saying that we are slower than IKM and SameSpot that already has reviews up.

As a PR man once said to me. Why the hell can gamers not just drop their conspiracy theories and use the energy to make the world a better place? The only thing they want is to sit behind a screen and complain about trivia.

I can easily see where the question fails, yet I am inclined to agree with him. We are here to play. And Gamereactor is here to tell you what we think. Not what a PR man hopes what we think about the game.

In return, the dear PR people also begin to remember that we are not their extended billboard, but critics who take our work seriously. And is there anything that will annoy a critic is when someone tells him what he should think