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(10-30-2012, 07:23 PM)
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Wow, the witch hunt is really on then, is it?

I've staunchly advocated ethics throughout my editorial career. My point regarding journalist vs critic spoke specifically to the topic of investigative information gathering and reporting vs. subjective criticism based on a foundation of experience and analytic ability. Does it really need to be said that critics need to hold themselves to a high standard to maintain trust?

As for calling for Andrea's head, I'm following the thread back and we will look into it.

I can tell you that at no time has Machinima provided any form of compensation for having her on. If anything, I believe they'd prefer she didn't do a show on another outlet but it being audio keeps it below their threshold.

I suspect the tweet that's causing such uproar was not her hoping to win said t-shirt but instead promoting a contest running on her outlet. Pretty much SOP if your outlet has some sort of giveaway to retweet that to get it out there. But again, I don't know.