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(10-30-2012, 09:23 PM)
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So keeping in mind that Machinima started life as YouTube channel the situation probably is something like this.

They have a network of content creators who make the shows that hit Machinima. They likely get some sort of rev share deal from the ads on their views I'd guess.

EA wants to get a bunch of NFS videos out on YouTube, puts one and one together, and concludes that it will give these creators a copy of the game and then some cash to incentivise them to do the videos ahead of other stuff they might cover. And then Machinima coordinates the getting games out to them and then showing them on their channel.

I don't work for them nor have I ever seen their deals but from what I've gathered it's something along these lines.

Now, the vids these creators post are clearly paid for. From what I've seen they're all live streams and that sort of thing. So it's hard to color the game you're seeing but I can definitely see where they'd be all about how cool it is since it's their income at the time.

That said, if I'm interested, I could probably watch the feed and just turn off the sound or ignore overly glowing stuff.