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Here it is:


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You guy do a pretty great job of covering smaller games, no doubt. Though I can't think of a time you guys did one of your "Live" hour or two long quicklook extravangzas on a smaller title the way you do for even mediocre big ones like Medal of Honor. Maybe indie devs should start sending over pizzas? (That was a joke.)

Anyway, that's a bit off topic. My only point was that it simply that I don't believe the argument that all that swag and the big PR circus put on by big publishers has no impact at all. It is isn't just simply a matter of trying to buy you off with shit. Whether or not you want or like the stuff they are doing is really beside the point if they can just get you to post one more preview or decide that you need to talk about their game for 5 minutes while you only spend a passby coverage of another title. In short, yes, I want you to simply admit that yes that stuff can have an influence because it is painfully obvious to me that it can and does just in the same way that it can and does effect all of us. As Shawn succinctly noted, just don't present yourself as some sort of "Randian ubermensch" above all influence and that really seems like what you guys were doing on the cast.

We've never claimed we're anything other than human, susceptible to the same frailties and shortcomings as everyone else. But all of us have been doing this for a long, long time, and if we come off as dismissive about this I think it's because we all know for ourselves what a leathery, jaded hide we've all built up about the less palatable aspects of this business, a thick skin which hopefully girds us as much as possible from external influence. While we regard our own cynicism as self-evident because we work with it every day, I can understand how it may not be obvious to the average audience member who isn't privy to every aspect of our editorial practice.