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MCV Digital Edition Link

The Hitman piece by Wainwright is on pages 40 & 41

Double page spread with very little words...except FOUR ads at the bottom!

Hitman: Damnation looks to bridge the gap between 2006's Hitman: Blood Money and Absolution. It's written by Raymond Benson, who has penned novels for both Metal Gear Solid and James Bond.

Smartly dressed Agent 47 even has his own clothing line with Trapstar. A premium blazer, cufflinks and T-shirts can be bought official from the Hitman store online.

The professional edition of the game contains a hardcover art book, making of DVD and Agency Gun-Pack DLC.

And finally to round it all off!

Pre-order customers are treated to a free game called Sniper Challenge. The game sees players take part in a mission to take out a target and rack up points. Turn to the 86 for details on MCV's top industry assassins.

The top ranking industry assassins is actually on page 68 (despite what the article might say) and its all developers with Daniel McAssay but this does say the developers competition and the rest of the competition is open to others now.

I suppose we could say that actually its FIVE adverts, Hitman is given the front cover of the recommendations section; and a two page spread written by Wainwright. Once again its more a PR piece that anything of substance:

Top of the market blurb for the game:

THE ULTIMATE Assassin is back Hitman: Absolution sees a betrayed Agent 47 on the run from the Police and in the centre of a dark conspiracy against the very people he used to work for.

Back of the box sales pitch:

Its a triumphant return for a much-loved series with impressive visuals and cinematic story, but it still features the same type of gameplay that made the series so popular.

Weird shoe in of features:

Players can disguise themselves in costumes to blend in with their surroundings as they dispose of their targets with an assortment of deadly weapons.

[Seriously, how is this written by anything but PR?]

Goes on to have quotes from a publisher (*cough**cough) discussing their big ads and everything for the game.
Finishing with this:

After a six year gap, Hitman is sure to please hardcore fans and new comers alike when it releases on 360, PS3 and PC this November.

So...has she played the game? This sounds more like a review right? I doubt it. This is a sales pitch of 3 pages.

Am going to post a thread on this and add some things on Michael French seeing as he is tied into all this due to his actions protecting Lauren and then publishing this in his magazine.