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Originally Posted by Loudninja

So yeah I bet DW8 is going to be the same way.

I doubt it. Market saturation with this franchise is an issue, but a mainline Dynasty Warriors is very different from an Empires release or an Orochi release or especially a One-Piece / FotNS release. They COULD be getting there, but DW6 and DW7 have sat in that same sales performance zone and there's no reason to expect DW8 to snip the parachute strings.

Originally Posted by Takao

If sales are not high enough to justify a dub a sub-only localization is better than no localization.

And preferable even, to some people. When you have games like Yakuza or certain Musou games where the story context suggests a certain language (or in the case of anime-based titles like Fist of the North Star, where its fanbase is accustomed to experiencing the franchise in its original language,) it is not inappropriate to use non-english language tracks. Moreover, the seiyuu business in Japan is a high-quality-oriented operation and some of these performances end up being the best of what's recorded for a role (I'm not going to use the confused weeaboo claim that all Japanese VO actors are better than all American VOs, but it certainly happens a percentage of the time) and since game companies rarely offer the option, better for those who are OK with subtitles to get the best performance rather than the one that is in their language.

And the main thing is, there are some untranslated products that frustrate me (the PSN releases of the Mega Man Archives are foolishly untranslated, meaning I have a hard time recommending these to friends even though they're playable if you're used to imports,) but I'm exponentially more frustrated by the games I NEVER get to play versus the games I get to play in a way that's not 100% the way I'd like. Ken's Rage 2 felt like a lost cause to me, same with Tokyo Jungle and possibly JoJo's ASB. Releasing games digitally and with some acceptable compromises means they're out ... and being a PSP fan, I know I would much rather have games to buy than games I was stuck wishing for forever.