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(11-03-2012, 12:14 AM)
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Originally Posted by Dragonzord

Koei claims SCEA won't let them release a box if it's not got English dubs. There IS a box for One Piece in Europe and Japan but not the US.

Originally Posted by Kagari

Which is strange as SCEA has lifted that policy for other publishers such as Sega and Aksys.

That, if true, I have a huge problem with (as I think we all should.) I understand that Sony is trying to regulate its market and "protect" customers from underproduced games or "protect" retailers from overstock supplies, but just as in the "No 2D" days, we need to educate SCEA QA as soon as possible that subtitled releases are a legitimate product approach, same as it is on DVDs and any other media form.

(I'm not sure where the discrepancy comes in, though, where SEGA and Aksys have put out sub-only products but Koei claims they're not allowed? There must be some other SCEA stipulation that's not being communicated to the public... or to Koei, for that matter.)