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If you like the Art of Halo 4, you should go the CGHUB today. There are tons of Halo 4 art to see! (Look at Editor's pick)

Originally Posted by Shadders

The Waypoint kids have found some more of the unlock codes:

They're spread across a 150 page thread on waypoint, so I made a quick guide.

1 - 500XP and SPEC/Raider Shoulder Armour [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Mission 1]
2 - 500XP and Spec/Raider Torso Armour [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Mission 2]
3 - 5000XP a Concept Art Gallery and ONI Emblem [Prerequisite: Complete Spartan Ops Mission 3]
4 - 2000XP a Concept Art Gallery and Wiseguy Emblem [Prerequisite: Enlist in Infinity Multiplayer]
5 - 500 XP and SPEC/Raider Helmet [Prerequisite: Find the Seven campaign Terminals]

You can enter the codes either through the console Waypoint App or on the Waypoint site here.

The last code does not need all terminals. I have only 4 of 7 and was able to unlock it.

Originally Posted by squidhands

You have to have completed at least one, if not all, of the SpOps missions for the first few to work, I think.

This group is a faction called Storm. Not real sure what their intention is or why they split from the rest of the Covenant (I haven't watched any of the Terminals, so I don't know if anything further is revealed about them), but I get the sense from SpOps that the humans hate them all again, regardless of faction.

I do think People misinterpret the action figures. Storm does not seem like the name of this religious group. Why are only the lowest Grunt, Elite or Jackal called as Storm Grunt etc? The other not. I think Storm means Vanguard, or better to say: The cannon fodder of the new Covenant.

Originally Posted by Louis Wu

Hrm. Spent a little time looking at the deeper Wargames stats.

Game says I have 4 DNFs. Looks like when you finish a game and drop back out to the lobby, the next game is counted as a DNF - huh? (I dropped out of the postgame literally 5-10 seconds after getting to the first postgame screen each time.)

There's one DNF that makes no sense to me, though: in my game history, it says "Score 85, Captures 0, DNF" with the arrows. Click the arrows, and you can see the full game stats - my score was 295, and I DEFINITELY finished.

I guess the bugs are still being worked out.

Still don't like the DNFs for getting out of a game before it starts. :(

Yes. I agree. People will think I am awful quitter.