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(11-09-2012, 10:42 PM)
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Quick update regarding the release situation:

We apologize for the silence, but everyone here in the office has been extremely busy wrapping up things with Sony for the release of TUNE. We have a few more very minor loose ends to tie up before we can give an exact ship date, but we're well on track for release this month. We should hopefully have the exact shipping date sometime by the middle of next week.

In regards to the PSN digital release, Sony has it scheduled for hitting the PSN Store on December 4th. It'll be priced at $44.99 and requires at minimum a 4GB memory card to store it. If they end up delaying the game any further we'll be sure to let everyone know.

Also to note, there has been another small batch of cancellations on the limited edition. We'll be holding all of these until the date we get the games in stock, at which point we'll make any additional quantities available for sale.

Note: In the second paragraph it should read "If they end up delaying the digital release". The physical release and digital release are on completely different schedules at this point, and have entered the final production phases for their respective formats.