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(11-12-2012, 08:16 AM)
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Story goes, received an email very early Friday morning last week (around 4:00am Australia time) about my email address being changed for my Origin account. Didn't think anything of it (I first saw the email when I woke up for work early on Friday and quickly forgot about it).

Tried getting in today, Origin doesn't recognise my username. Or my email address. Had to create a new, dummy account just so i could raise a case about my old account because basically *all* the details must have been changed in it.

This appears to be a fresh wave, too. Possibly coinciding with the ability to change an Origin username at will (though I'm not sure exactly when this was implemented).

Here are some links to threads on their forum from within the last few days that contain individual cases of this exact same thing happening:
They're just the ones I could find using their very limited search option on their forums. Of note is that they're all literally within the last few days or so.

I can't recall if there was anything incredibly sensitive in there (I don't remember using a credit card at all with that account, just used it to register keys bought from Amazon etc.) but exactly the same thing is happening to a LOT of people.

This guy could probably offer a better explanation of what's happening (though it goes for 20 minutes, so don't get too excited):

So, if you haven't checked in on your Origin account recently, you should login and make sure that everything is working fine. I didn't have anything that could've been guessed about my account (such as the password, security questions etc.) yet my account has been certainly hijacked.

It also exposes a huge, gaping flaw in EA's security system, given that:
a) there's no mention in the email of what it was changed *from*
b) there isn't a confirmation asking for the email address to be changed
c) people trying to raise cases about this with their online help/chat thing are getting knocked back because they have their own dates of birth wrong

Anyone else here having problems?