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(11-12-2012, 10:14 AM)
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Originally Posted by flipswitch

Every time I log into my origin account (I don't save my password so I have to enter it in manually) it says my username/origin account/ password) is wrong. This has happened twice in the past hour or so.

I have to choose forget password in which I enter my email address, then they send me this huge code to reset my password.

I am just going to close my origin account. Fed up.

I don't think you've been affected by this though (or at least, not exactly the same thing) because you can actually use your existing email account to reset your password. Because whoever it was changed both my account name AND my email address, I have no way of knowing what they were set to.

The guy's video I posted said he was lucky because he'd used the Facebook authentication as well and the hijackers had forgotten to change it (or it can't be removed, perhaps?) but if you're account's been broken into and your username and email have been changed, what hope do you have of getting anything back yourself?

Fucking pathetic work by EA. I wonder if it affects pre-Origin games like The Saboteur as well. I'll have to try that tonight. Until then, no Autolog for NFS:HP either. I'd be even more pissed as hell if I'd bought NFS:MW and couldn't play it (potentially even losing progress) as well.

I'm still not sure how they can change that email in the first place, because I think that's the core of the issue. Obviously they're bypassing whatever confirmation is normally needed to do such a thing, because I don't think they're getting into accounts right away via brute forcing a password. My gut says they're social engineering the account to get EA to change the email address... and I think the key is the DOB which they're probably guessing randomly via bots or something.