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Originally Posted by Perkel

yeah that shitty if they don't tell you that it will be used for account recovery. It is the same as using precision adress. , . ; all that things are fucking stupid. If someone stole your password you birth date also could be changed already same as almost any other information.

So "smh" dude

I was in same position as him with my first US account after PSN fiasco.

Lol wut?

1 - EA need to prove your identity to ensure you are correct account owner

2 - DOB is easiest way of doing this. Entered a bogus DOB? Fail

3 - If the address wasn't a "precision adress" (sic) ie - you had it slightly incorrect, I am sure they would be able to establish you were the correct owner by the information you were able to provide about the account. Regardless, address is not a recognised way of proving identity as someone's address information is a lot more public domain than their DOB (usually DOB in conjunction with some other information that only you would know, such as payment methods, secret word etc)

4 - If someone stole your password and changed your DOB do you not think that would be visible to the customer service rep who would be able to tell what your original DOB was?

Essentially, for someone to lose access to their account here they have to have a) visited a dodgy website and downloaded some malware to perform some such "function"; b) not given a legitimate date of birth on registration. There are many, many things that EA can quite rightfully be called out on, but there is no way on earth that EA should be taking the hit for end-user stupidity.