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Originally Posted by Dali

You had to buy the greatest hits or whatever rerelease of DMC3 for $20 like a year after the original DMC3 was released. So if you bought the original it was $70 total, but you could have sold your physical copy of the original and recouped some of that. Id say this is a wash as far as value compared to gens past. Of course ill always favor physical merchandise so that tips the scales of the way things used to be done.

Yeah, I've been saying this for awhile now too. Even though I've embraced digital distribution to some extent I CANNOT STAND how there is NO VALUE attached to digital content. I will always prefer/buy physical for as long as I can because of the no resell value. Plus, down the road, none of us TRULY know if we'll be able to access all of this content. Rant aside...back on topic!