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(11-15-2012, 12:42 AM)
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Hey you guys! I have a Limited Edition copy of Halo 4 to give away, but also this sweet, never sold in shops Halo 4 notebook:

It's by Moleskine, so in terms of quality it's about as good a notepad as you can get.

To win this I'd like you to imagine for a second that you are the Master Chief, you're stranded on Requiem and all you have with you is a pen and your notebook. What are you going to do?

Will you write a poem? a short story? a diagram of the location or a doodle of Cortana? Submissions can be a drawing or text, bonus points if you actually use a pen (or pencil) and paper to do it.

To enter you can PM me, post here, Tweet me, or email me. I'll cover postage to Europe and North America, ROW I may have to ask for a contribution depending on shipping cost. It's on my site, so not exclusive to HaloGAF, but surely no-one else will be able to beat your submissions, right?

More info!
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