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(11-16-2012, 09:56 AM)

Originally Posted by Anth0ny

hey guys this is just a bad port job, i'm sure this totally won't be a problem in the future, especially when ps4 and 720 drop

Wii U 2 is going to blow away PS4 so I'm not worried.


Edit: Just today I was listening to best of 1up 2006 and they were complaining that the launch 360 version of Madden was worse than the PS2 version in terms of both gameplay features and frame rate. Lol.

You somehow twisted other people's words into something they never said. All Durante said is the Wii-U is inferior in potentially one way when compared to current gen systems when it comes to the porting process.

Given the fog in Silent Hill HD I think it's safe to say that both PS3 and 360 can't do transparency properly compared to the PS2. Foolproof logic.