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Originally Posted by Combichristoffersen

Whoa. That is frankly something Nintendo should have had ready from day 1.

Why start with day 1? This is frankly something Nintendo should have been ready circa early to mid 2007. What's that? Day ... uh... -2050?

Originally Posted by Smiles and Cries

Panic mode on at launch

Rich ‏@RichIGN
From Nintendo: online play, backwards compatibility, Miiverse and eShop are all in the Day One update. Delay only for video apps.

Rich ‏@RichIGN
Nintendo also tells me the TVii delay is about making "a great experience for consumers" and that it will be available ASAP in

Rich ‏@RichIGN
ACIII Wii U will get a Day One patch similar to how PS3 and 360 versions received one. Something to keep in mind.

From Nintendo:

Games: Wii U is launching with 29 packaged games, plus a handful of digital games, marking the largest launch lineup in Nintendo history... A number of these titles will also be available for purchase digitally in the Nintendo eShop alongside a strong launch-day lineup of downloadable digital-only games... Wii U owners can expand the storage capacity of their systems by adding their own USB external hard disc drives. Downloadable content for select games, such as additional levels or maps, will roll out in December following a system update. Wii U is backward compatible with almost all Wii™ games and Wii accessories.