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(11-18-2012, 10:09 AM)
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Originally Posted by godhandiscen

If the rumors of the 360 and PS3 successors are true, the WiiU will be in worse shape than the Wii was in comparison to current consoles.

Yeah, really a bit of a Dreamcast to Xbox scenario.
Both machines render most games at the same resolution (480i/p back then, likely still gonna be 720p for the most part this gen) but the gulf in geometry, textures and shader effects will probably be significant. Not to mention CPU-bound stuff like AI, number of characters/units on screen, physics, etc.

But at least Wii U games just won't be as butt-ugly and low-res as Wii anymore. At first glance they should still compare favorably to PS4/Xbox 720 for the masses.