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(11-18-2012, 10:11 AM)

Originally Posted by cyberheater

Lots of people care.

I mainly just care so it doesn't get ostracized like last generation. Though maybe being in HD will help some? Depends on where we really are when it comes to diminishing returns I guess, but we're probably not so close that relatively low ram is a non-issue.

Originally Posted by Durante



Wii U: 17 GB/s, separate eDRAM pool
360: 22.4 GB/s, eDRAM for framebuffer
PS3: 25.6 GB/s main memory BW, 22.4 GB/s graphics memory BW, no eDRAM

GTX 680: 192.2 GB/s :P

Huh, guess a 10x jump really is possible again, in some respects at least.