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I believe I read on another forum where a incognito dev alluded to the CPU being 3 core single thread/core. Narrows down what we could be looking at in Power-based CPUs. I don't take that as fact, though, because I'm not sure the software we're looking at could run so well on a weak CPU, unless it was clocked high.

Might be closer to the "3x Broadway clocked 3-4x" though.

Based on the die size, we're probably looking at R730+eDRAM/Northbridge. No way a R740 could fit there with eDRAM. It has to be a RV730 retrofitted to interface with DDR3.

Overall, you're looking at a system that may be slightly weaker than the 360 and PS3 in brute strength and speed IMO. It's more modern so things might look cleaner in pics, though. Wii U should have superior texturing and filtering, at least.

But right now you could not budge my mind to think otherwise. It wouldn't be capable of running the 360's and PS3's best. At a playable framerate at least.

Originally Posted by USC-fan


r700 based at 40nm

We have performance per watt figures for a r700 base gpu at 40nm.

4770 at 40nm is 12 glfops per watt is 137 mm˛ die with 826m
edram takes up at least 37 mm˛ and the wiiu gpu is 156 mm˛.

That leaves at most 100-110 mm˛ for the gpu. Since you have other thing on the die also.

So now we have the power number, gpu on 40nm process and still a r700 based. Man I called all of this....

If you used the whole 33 watts for just gpu you are looking at 396 gflops which is impossible.

More likely using 20-25w at most for gpu, so you have a range of 240 - 300 glfops. Xbox 360 and ps3 are 240-250 gflops.

My copy/paste from the anandtech thread

With the GPU die hosting the eDRAM and I/O (Northbridge/Southbridge) NO WAY its a R740. Its probably in between R710 and R730.