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Originally Posted by The Abominable Snowman

With the GPU die hosting the eDRAM and I/O (Northbridge/Southbridge) NO WAY its a R740. Its probably in between R710 and R730.

Yeah i agree. the reason i used the r740 is because this is the only r700 card at 40nm. The other card performance per watt should be close to that number.

Originally Posted by z0m3le

It wouldn't be R700, it is a modified version of this GPU family, with enhancements and architecture changes... more realistically you'd call it N800 (N= Nintendo modified, and not part of the R800 family, but parallel to it)

As a side note, R700 GFlops =! R500 GFlops, you can't really compare them in that manner...

Yeah just like the RSX in the PS3 is not a 7900 gt... lol. r800 is dx11 and wiiu is not so i dont understand why you would called it n800. Not related to those cards at all.

glfop = glfop is another debate. But nothing in the world is going to get you anywhere close the 600 glfop like other have spoken likes it a fact on here.