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(11-19-2012, 04:07 PM)

Originally Posted by dan2026

Wow so basically the Wii U only has 1GB of memory.
I know current consoles only have about 512, but they are almost six years old.

Is 1GB going to be enough? I really doubt it. But then again I am not that technically minded.
A lot of current PCs have upwards of 12GB memory don't they?
I know it isn't a fair comparison, but still...

If sales dictate that tis important support the Wiiu it will be enough. Don't forget that PS3 ports initially suffered from performance issues as well, probably in no small part to the 256+256mb ram configuration. Compromises may have to be made, but in this day and age if devs are asked to do it, they'll likely have to do it.