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Yeah i agree. the reason i used the r740 is because this is the only r700 card at 40nm. The other card performance per watt should be close to that number.

Yeah just like the RSX in the PS3 is not a 7900 gt... lol. r800 is dx11 and wiiu is not so i dont understand why you would called it n800. Not related to those cards at all.

glfop = glfop is another debate. But nothing in the world is going to get you anywhere close the 600 glfop like other have spoken likes it a fact on here.

Right, you wouldn't call it N800 because it's related to R800, you'd call it N800 because it's a Nintendo Modified Successor to R700, just like R800 is an AMD successor to the R700.

It's a parallel line of succession, and it's important to remove the talk of R700 from the Wii U, as it's likely not using such an expensive chip when cheaper alternatives have become available (and were available shortly after talk of Wii U began)

N800 "mario" is likely more efficient than R700, seeing how Nintendo likes to modify their hardware, it's going to be hard to fit into R700 line at all. (thus N800)

as for the 600GFLOPs comment, it's still possible seeing as how AMD achieved a 118mm turks GPU with 576GFLOPs and a 35watt (with 1GBmemory) @40nm. e6760 (which is a R800 chip granted, but does lend itself to the possibility that "mario" is still ~600GFLOPs)

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Keep faith alive, homeboy. What kind of architecture changes do you think are feasible?

Pretty sure they took some time to create a better GPGPU, I'm not sure what else they added, but seeing the DoF on Wii U's games (pikmin 3 especially) it seems like it's basically "free" to implement which hints at some effects not available in R700, we know modifications were made to the GPU, and some developers working on the console (including arkam) has said that it is a modern GPU, Antonz has gone so far as to say the GPU has 2011/2012 bells and whistles. So calling it R700 is certainly underscoring these modifications.

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old tech but with modern better die size etc, plus NSMBWiiu isnt a system stresser in the slightest, psu is 95w

PSU is 75w at least before release that was the confirmation. I haven't heard it was changed. HOWEVER the tech isn't outdated, it seems to be new tech designed around a small electrical footprint, this is the direction Nintendo is going. I don't see it as a 1080p console anymore though, the ram is far more fit for 720p.