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I'm mad as hell but this sandwich is delicious
(11-20-2012, 02:13 AM)
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The simping must stop.

So I'm standing in line at Subway minding my business when two young brothas come in behind me cracking jokes. Well eventually their conversation shifts into a story about a friend of theirs who took the simp route. Apparently, this mothafucka was so thirsty for some chick that he broke out in the chorus to:

Yes, he sang it in the same high-pitched voice and cried at the end. A real tear fell down this simp's cheek. Chick felt so bad that she basically had to go on a date with him. I just shook my head, turned to them and said, "simping is an epidimic fellas. don't do it...he's messing up the game." THESE SIMP NIGGAS ARE MESSING UP THE GAME, GAF. Now she and all her little friends are going to expect men to sing and shed a tear for the pussy. Wait, not even for the pussy! For a date to attempt to COURT the pussy! What will he do for an encore?

I'm mad as hell, but this sandwich is delicious.

The simping must stop.