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Originally Posted by Dizastah

Where you get those numbers from mang.

Apart from being outdated, I was making a joke about the Zelda demo (since it wasn't impressive, would Nintendoland be any better?).

I've checked polycounts of characters and environments before and so those "numbers" were a result of cross estimates (Link being 8,000 polygons in the demo is actually very close to his Twilight Princess number which was around 6,000). When I played Nintendoland, it had a "PS3/360" feel to it so I assumed it was in the 500,000 range (and the gamepad acted as a separate render).

In reality though, this was a bad guess. The game mostly appears to be built out of Wii assets repeated all over and the environments are mostly sparse being simple primitives.

Now that's experience.

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