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(11-30-2012, 05:56 AM)
While we're waiting for the podcast to finish uploading, I'd like to call attention to a new thing I'm doing at

Whenever I see any well-written posts that I feel should be archived, I'm going to post them to the front page for posterity. This should make them easier to find later on without having to figure out the magic keyword combination to search for.

First up: Fyrewulff's Forge Fantasy

If you'd like to nominate a post for a future TL;DR feature, send me a PM or an email. I'm mostly looking for three types of posts:
- Reviews of Halo content.
- Intelligent discussion of gameplay elements and/or suggestions for future games.
- Particularly funny posts. (Not just passing jokes, but things that future readers will laugh at.)

Sometimes I'll rehost the entire post and sometimes I'll just post links. If I want to rehost, I'll send the author a PM first. I don't have the archive framework up yet, but I'll get that together soon.