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-This was recorded on November 20th
-Weekly fixes in War Games
-They read every tweet, and forum posts. Taking lots of feedback
-Can only be fixed once a week after testing has been completed
-Talks about Complex fix. Big, known glitch was just 1 of 6 fixed on that map
-Prioritizes fixes based on how bad they are
-Updates just come to matchmaking maps and therefore need to be downloaded to have changes in customs
-Classic gametypes would need to be "rebuilt" to work with Halo 4 (ex. Race)
-Extraction talk
-Ragnarok & Mantis talk
-Railgun talk
-Why Ragnarok?
-We loved Valhalla
-Built it early, seemed to work well with H4 Sandbox
-"It just stuck"
-Versatile map
-Slightly reduced Ragnarok weighting. Dust Storm, "awwwww".
-Paying attention to classic map requests and are being considered.
-Wanted to focus on getting as many brand new maps at launch
-Definite possibility that we'll see Classic Forge remakes in matchmaking
-Talking about remake release timing and such.
-Talking about needing smaller maps in Infinity Slayer (Kevin Franklin brought it up on his own OMG LOLZ)
-Why no forge maps in MM? Why not Relay?
-Relay & Relay CTF needs some more tweaking but will come at some point. Potentially pretty soon along with other Forge Maps
-What about community maps?
-Checking out Community Cartographer maps.
-Time frame for putting community maps in MM (LOL we've got other shit to fix bro. It's coming though)
-MLG Dallas talk
-Kevin loved it. Had fun watching games, talking to fans, players and coaches
-What feedback did you get from MLG Dallas? (People liked how it felt, guns, movement)
-People asking about main weapon balance. Still watching meta data in matchmaking
-Carbine talk. Very high skill curve. Says it has the fastest kill time if all shots hit. They're keeping an eye on balance and will discuss necessary changes
-Why change the tempo of the game? Why speed it up some?
-Tons of factors that go in to how the tempo changes in the end
-Wanted to increased speed; "it does raise the skill curve" 60 kills to win is a product of increased game tempo
-Why put it as points instead of kills? Why do it like CoD?
-They wanted to recognize efforts made by players that weren't just kills, deaths, assists. Expanded to points system to reward everything from Distraction to capturing a flag
-Why 600 points in Infinity Slayer though bro?
-Keeping consistency with new points system. Kill = 10 points so we make the game score counter reflect that
-WE'VE GOT TO GET YOU BACK AT SOME POINT....Kevin Franklin: Silence
-Any chance of seeing an "insane gametype" in matchmaking? Kevin Franklin: Yea those are cool but not for a long time
-Spectator mode? CoD has it bro. TF2 has it bro. We going to see something like that in Halo? Maybe just on LAN?
-Kevin Franklin: We know you guys want it. It's on our list. We can't give a time line because we're not sure if it's going to happen. But yea, it's something that we definitely want to put do.

Last words Kevin: Tweet at me - DMR or BR in SWAT?
More SWAT talk.
Let us know how you feel about Banshee removal from CTF Ragnarok
-Talking about old bulletins about Personal Ordnance drops.