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Wow, Saint Seiya for the PSP did pretty bad, I thought it would do better. Didn't the PS3 Saint Seiya game do alright? I wouldn't mind if they brought the game over to the 3ds.

First week / LTD (Famitsu):

[PS2] Saint Seiya: The Sanctuary (Bandai) {2005-04-07} - 80,748 / 127,509
[PS2] Saint Seiya: The Hades (Bandai Namco) {2007-02-01} - 20,745 / 36,811
[PS3] Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle (Bandai Namco) {2011-11-23} - 55,515 / 76,240

[PSP] Saint Seiya Ω: Ultimate Cosmos <ACT> (Bandai Namco Games) {2012.11.29} (¥5.230) - 6.281 / NEW

Is the omega series even popular? The original series has a its fans, yes, but I don't know how many would rush to buy things based on the new stuff.